Healthcare in Nairobi



While both public and private healthcare services are available in Nairobi, the overwhelming majority of expats tend to go with the private option. There are plenty of private hospitals, medical centres and individual practices in and around Nairobi.

UN Joint Medical Service

An occupational health unit, it is responsible for medical clearances for new appointments, travel clearances – including vaccination – and issues of occupational health. It also offers a drop-in service for advice and treatment. Since the appointment of a full-time doctor in Gigiri, the UN Joint Medical Service today offers the comforting presence of on-site medical advice and treatment, alongside its more traditional roles of medical supervision, vaccinations and insurance administration. The clinic has also become a frontline partner in UNON’s battle for greater awareness and tolerance of HIV-positive staff, to whom it offers counselling and medical advice, as well as access to free anti-retroviral treatment. UNON staff also includes a designated Staff Stress Management Counsellor, who assists staff with all types of psychological needs, from work-related stress to trauma.

The 24/7 medical situation room can be reached at There is always a nurse on duty to answer your call and give advice.



Medical Emergencies

In case of an emergency at the UN Gigiri complex:

Call ext 5999 or UN security control room ext 6666

After hours:

Call +254-724-255378 for medical duty officer

Or UN Security control room:




For emergencies at home or on the road:

Call your security firm (e.g. Group Four or KK) if you have a contract with them. They will have the shortest response time.

Alternatively call St John’s ambulance service:

Cell phone: +254-721-225285


Medical evacuations:

UN Staff from neighboring countries: Always call first, as emails may not get through immediately!!

Cell phone: +254-724-255378

For more information, visit

Two recommended hospitals are Nairobi Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital.

Do you have special dietary needs or restrictions?

  • HealthyU is the main store catering to various dietary restrictions.

  • Gluten-free

    • flour and pastas are available widely, however, pre-made goods such as bread are not.

    • Fonda NBO is a recommended restaurant; the majority of their food is naturally gluten-free.

  • Dairy-free

    • Dairy-free milk is widely available

    • Carrefour, HealthyU, other smaller retailers carry vegan cheese.

    • Village Supermarket at Village Market carries dairy-free butter.

    • There are several dairy-free ice creams available; Brown’s (a local dairy) makes a coconut-milk based ice-cream under their Delia’s line.

  • Vegan

    • Artcaffe has vegan options