Working Groups

The Working Groups are the backbone of UNKLESA’s services and offerings. Each Working Group is overseen by a Coordinating Board Member who, along with volunteer members, develops and implements projects and events to serve our members.


Family & Peer Support

Fulfills two core roles: assisting families in making the most of their Kenya experience by encouraging family-focused activities, and supporting families that need assistance in dealing with difficulties in the transition.

  • Offers regular professional or social gatherings (coffee mornings, talks, excursions etc), when possible invites a speaker from the UN system or outside the UN to address members.

  • Updates the “Welcome Information Pack” containing critical information to assisting newly-arrived spouses and partners settle into Nairobi.

  • Researches and shares information about local activities and events in the weekly Weekend Buzz email to members.

  • Promotes UNKLESA through UNON events and activities in the complex.

During the 2017-2018 year, the group organized almost monthly Coffee Mornings with guest speakers as well as a social meet and greet; organized a joint event with UNIASC featuring a talk by ‘Here We Are – Kenya;’ and organized a Farewell Lunch for departing UNKLESA members with high participation rate.


Training & Development

  • Supports members' professional development and assists with networking and job-search information both within and outside the UN.

  • Organizes career support - through participation in local induction and training programmes and seeking out opportunities for members to maintain and develop transferable skills and competences so that they can re-enter the workforce.

  • Circulates information pertaining to training opportunities and online courses for expatriate spouses.

During the 2017-2018 year, the team conducted a Competency-Based Interview skills workshop; the coordinator presented Secrets of a Life Coach and is working to improve the orientation power point presentation.



  • Interacts with Heads of Agencies and Heads of Departments to negotiate collaborations, exchange information and explore innovation for employment/training opportunities for spouses.

  •  Build and maintain strong relationships between UNKLESA and the UN Resident Coordinator in Kenya, other Heads of Agencies and Departments to raise our profile, promote UNKLESA members for employment.

  • Introduce UNKLESA to all new UN staff members at the Quarterly New Staff Orientation and every Friday at the Induction and Security briefing.

  • Design and deliver advocacy presentations as required.

During the 2017-2018 year, "Are You Hiring” flyers were distributed to the HR Interagency Sub-Committee; an updated employment database was created; a UNKLESA Blueprint is being developed to create new relationships with multiple UN Agencies; a historical/current audit of UNKLESA performance was prepared for the annual report.


Communications & Outreach

  • Oversees hosting and maintenance of UNKLESA website and Facebook page.

  • Provides the association with communication and promotion tools including

    social media.

  • Updates the UNKLESA website.

During the 2017-2018 year, the group updated the Facebook page weekly, improved weekly email communication, and published the bimonthly Newsletter (Habari UNKLESA).