2019-2020 UNKLESA Board Elections

Dear Members,                      

As the current UNKLESA Board nears the end of their term, we would like to congratulate and thank them for a successful year full of activities, achievements and innovation in the promotion of the UNKLESA mandate. However, it is now time to elect the new Board to take over for 2019/20. All UNKLESA Board positions are open for election and this gives you the opportunity to choose another fresh, committed, and vibrant team to lead UNKLESA.

This is a fantastic chance for new members to come forward and enjoy the great benefits and advantages of joining the Board. Playing an active role in UNKLESA not only gives you the opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills in a lively, professional office, but it can build your network of professional contacts and significantly improve your career prospects.

The duty of the Board, as the governing body, is to monitor the day to day affairs of the Association and take responsibility for the policy, regulation, and financial and general management of UNKLESA. The Executive Board Members are supported and assisted by the Coordinating Board Members of four working groups plus the volunteer office team, and the UNKLESA Orientation services team. Further information on the roles and responsibilities of Board Members linked below, and you are very welcome to contact or visit the office to find out more.

Remember that UNKLESA is run by its members – and that is you! You are encouraged to put yourself forward or nominate another member for one or more positions. Please make your nominations through this link: Candidate Nomination Form by 22 September 2019.

Any paid regular member of the Association may run and become an officer on the Board. The election will be conducted by online ballot and the winners declared by a simple majority, subject to consent of the members of the Association. The election will be conducted and supervised by an Election Committee.

Nominations for the following UNKLESA Board positions must be submitted by 22 September 2019.

Executive Board

  • Chairperson

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

Coordinating Board Members (responsible for:)

  • Family and Peer Support

  • Training and Development

  • Networking/Advocacy

  • Communications and Outreach

You may nominate any member in good standing who you feel is qualified for the position. She/he shall agree to be nominated as candidate and be willing to be active and supportive of the cause of the Association. You can, of course, put your own name forward if you wish to stand for election.

Best regards,

UNKLESA Election Committee

David T. Dessi & Sarah Gimsay


2019-2020 UNKLESA Board election schedule

  • 22 September 2019 - Nomination Deadline

  • 30 September 2019 - Election Voting Begins

  • 20 October 2019 - Election Voting Ends

  • 29 October 2019 - Results announced at AGM

  • 1 November 2019 - New Board takes office

Functions and Responsibilities of The

Executive Board and Coordinating Board Members:

The powers and functions of the Board shall be as follows:

a)      To promulgate and implement policies, guidelines, rules and regulations for the effective management of the affairs of the Association;

b)      To prepare master plan of activities for the fiscal year during the period of their incumbency in line with the objectives of the Association;

c)      To review, deliberate, decide and approve all transactions concerning the affairs of the Association;

d)      To report to the Membership Assembly the results of operations and other organizational activities for the fiscal year during their incumbency at the annual general membership meeting as required under this Constitution & By-Laws;

e)      To carry out such other duties and responsibilities which are inherent and customarily associated with the Board;

f)       To address any grievances against the officers, co-members or the Association itself.

2019-2020 UNKLESA Board Election Positions

Executive Board Members


The Chairperson shall be the Chief Executive Officer and concurrently the Presiding Officer of the Association; He/she shall be the principal Representative and the Official spokesperson for the Association; He/she shall preside at all meetings of the Association and enforce rules and regulations diligently; He/she shall oversee and manage the over-all affairs of the Association.


Serve as the focal point for all UNKLESA corporate sponsors and is the custodian of all records and files of the Association.

He/she prepares agenda for meetings, keeps accurate records of all proceedings in all meetings of the Association and maintains the database of all members. This position is supported and assisted by the Office Manager and by the UNKLESA Board.


The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the Association; She/he shall prepare periodic financial reports reflecting results of financial operations and the financial position of the Association with emphasis on the Receipts and Disbursements of Funds duly examined by the Internal Auditor for review and approval by the Executive Board once a year. The General Assembly shall appoint the Internal Auditor for the period being audited.

Coordinating Board Members


Family and Peer Support

Organize regular professional or social gatherings (coffee mornings, talks, excursions etc), when possible invites a speaker from the UN system or outside the UN to address members.

Promote UNKLESA through UNON events and activities in the complex.

Networking and Advocacy

Build and maintain strong relationships between UNKLESA and the UN Resident Coordinator in Kenya, other Heads of Agencies and Departments to raise our profile, promote UNKLESA members for employment.

Training & Development

Create training to develop the professional and personal skills and knowledge of UNKLESA’s members.

Partner with UNON to develop mutually beneficial training strategies (i.e. Training UNKLESA members to provide services to UNON).

Communications & Outreach

Oversee hosting and maintenance of UNKLESA website and Facebook page.

Provide the association with communication and promotion tools including social media.