Upcoming UNKLESA Trainings

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Resilience Building


UNON Counseling Service is planning a course on Resilience Building, date TBD in 2019.
 Send an email to unon-unklesa@un.org if you are interested in joining the course.

‘UNstoppable Careers’


‘UNstoppable Careers’ Month begins this week!

It begins with a general skills session and concludes with a personal CBI mock interview with trained interviewers the first week of April.

Course fees

* March 19 - FREE for members

* March 21 - 1000 KSH

* March 26 - 1000 KSH

* April 2-3 - 3000 KSH

There is a package deal available for ‘Inspira Bootcamp’, ‘Preparing for a Competency Based Interview’ and a personal mock CBI interview at a combined rate of 4500 KSH.

Email unon-unklesa@un.org to register.


‘Find Your Voice!’


Do you ever feel like you have something valuable to share with the world, but you can’t quite put it into words or you just can’t find the courage to do it? Or maybe you have the heart of a lion but you’re not really sure what you want to talk about? In this upcoming workshop series called ‘Find Your Voice!’ Month we’re going to work on all of that!

From how to choose and gain new skills on your terms, structuring and crafting a blow-away presentation to speaking in public confidently and convincingly all the way to creating your own workshop.

Workshop 1: Modern Learning [February 16]

Workshop 2: Preparing a Presentation [February 22]

Workshop 3: Public Speaking [February 25]

Workshop 4: Facilitating a Workshop [March 6]

Workshop 5: Each One, Teach One [Postponed until May - date TBD]

Send an email to unon-unklesa@un.org to join the workshops.

Course fees

Course fees can be paid in person at the office or via MPESA.

  • Lipa na M-pesa instructions:

  • Select Paybill

  • Business #: 522 522

  • Account #: 1124668357

Once payment has been made, kindly send the confirmation code to UNKLESA via email (unon-unklesa@un.org)

Individual Training

Fabian Luetzig, Leadership Development Coach and UNKLESA Training and Development Coordinator, offers individual training for UNKLESA members to discuss your personal development needs and progress on developing your own presentations.