UNKLESA Relocation and Orientation Portal


UNKLESA provides relocation and orientation services upon hiring and arrival in Nairobi for internationally recruited UN staff and their families for the following agencies:


Services and Information provided include:

  • Pre-Arrival Information and Welcome to Nairobi

  • Assistance with Short Term and Long Term Accommodation

  • UNON Information and Host Country Support

  • School Information

  • Information on Household Logistics

The importance of trailing family support lies in its ability to balance the pace at which the entire family, not just the UN staff member, acculturates to their new duty station. With 14 years of family mobility knowledge, UNKLESA offers an opportunity, both in Nairobi and globally, to improve the existing family mobility mechanisms with solid data-driven innovative policy options; to help UN families move seamlessly across duty stations in a natural way; and receive assistance that understands their context, situation, and needs.