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UNKLESA Coffee Morning - Household Cooperatives

  • UNKLESA UN Gigiri (map)

Come learn about household cooperatives from David de Weerdt and Destiny Muhumuza, CPA, as they explain how David partners with his domestic staff to support their life aims and goals to create a business, and earns a financial reward in return from the businesses they establish. Interested UNKLESA families are invited to join them in founding The Household Cooperative in Nairobi. A similar coop in Kingston, Jamaica is getting started, inspired by news of first one here in Nairobi.

David says: “We envisioned our household as a place that would not only exchange household support services for the relatively low market rates of pay that are affordable by us: we would also talk with people about their life goals, and then dedicate part of every day in their work toward making opportunities that would could realize their goals over time. We could leverage our under-utilized assets (the family vehicle, space and facilities in our rented house and garden) to help them get there.”

Delegate Tours is the first small business to come out of the The Household Cooperative. It has been developing its first product "Nairobi: Growing Green" which is a half or full-day tour of Nairobi in an all-electric van showcasing the great initiatives which tackle with innovative solutions the problems of climate change or ecological collapse. David and Destiny Muhumuza, CPA, expect Delegate Tours will be financed by a local instance of their primary work, The Local Climate Bank, a global movement of local citizens investing in local measures to combat climate change or ecological collapse.