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Networking November: Opening Workshop

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Especially as expats we cannot solely rely on the networks we have grown organically and coincidentally over the course of our lives; instead we need to be intentional and strategic about it. As a basis for this workshop we are using this online course: It’s a good idea to sign up to the course and have a look around in the materials before the workshop, so that we can use our time more effectively than with just covering the basics. Everybody is welcome regardless of previous knowledge, of course.

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Joining us will be Emily Kamunde-Osoro, Director of the International Coach Federation’s Kenya Chapter and of Rise & Learn Ltd. Emily will give us her view on networking, particularly in Nairobi. She will also offer us a great hands-on networking opportunity through becoming a mentor, a mentee, or both!

By the way, if your spouse might be interested in this, please do bring them along! They’re also welcome to drop in for the 2nd hour from 11.30. 

Stay curious!