Chair's Note - UNKLESA’s Future is Bright


1 July 2019

In January, we said that 2019 would be a year of strong, accelerated delivery of our UNKLESA 2018-2019 Blueprint goals. In the last few months alone, we have made real progress towards becoming the high performing organization that UNKLESA can and should be. I know the dedication and hard work everyone has contributed, and I am immensely grateful for your commitment to serving our UN families over a continuing period of change. 

Since November we been working hard to transform UNKLESA in to a leading family support organization within the UN. We can proudly say UNKLESA is becoming a leading family support organization with a real purpose and the ability to positively impact the way the UN family policies are created and implemented. Our opportunity now is to accelerate our momentum and build on our strengths.

We all recognize that the technology landscape is changing rapidly, and we have to do more than simply adapt. We must invest in innovation, leverage our strength, and enhance our capabilities while integrating our assets to maximize the value of our investments. UNKLESA is in the process of creating an Integrated Digital Platform APP that provides UN staff and families with a digital access via their mobiles that serves as an Intelligent Personal Assistant APP to navigate Nairobi Duty Station. 

Our goals are achievable, but they can only be realized alongside the ongoing and critically important transformation in our organizational culture. We have made so much progress in the last few months, and we are continually striving to become a data-driven organization which conducts itself with integrity at all times. We believe in UNKLESA 2018-2019 Blueprint strategy, and we are confident that together, with renewed focus and energy, we will deliver on our priorities for our members before the end of our term in November 2019

In summary, UNKLESA’s future is bright and we should feel optimistic. While we are navigating changing UN policies it will require for all of us to be resilient and completely focused on the task at hand; these strategic actions will accelerate the creation of the UNKLESA of the future. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and hard work. 

David Taddele Dessie

Chairman of the Executive Board