Chair's Note - UNKLESA: Towards Building a Sustainable Legacy


16 April 2019

UNKLESA continues to work towards become the leading family support organization within the UN as detailed in our 2019-2020 sustainability blueprint. Our primary goals continue be creating a sustainable legacy, serving as a trusted platform for family support, and advocating for bold decisions that champion resolutions to family issues within the UN system.

As part of addressing UNKLESA organizational sustainability, the Board underwent a process of unprecedented organizational redesign and internal restructuring, with a view to removing redundancy and creating set standards of operation for all parts of UNKLESA. Throughout the redesign and restructure of UNKLESA, we sought to retain our commitment to concrete targets, accountability, data based organizational performance, and our UN family’s engagement and satisfaction.

The Board understands that sustainability must be at the core of UNKLESA, serving as a key driver of our long-term organizational effectiveness while achieving and enhancing our services as a trusted platform for family support. UNKLESA Board continues to focus on Building a Sustainable Legacy despite structural, human resource and policy constraints. We believe we have so far met these challenges and will continue to further refine and optimize UNKLESA’s sustainability.

To meet UNKLESA’s sustainability goals, the 2018-2019 UNKLESA Board will continue to focus on:

  • Addressing a range of UNKLESA’s inherited structural issues;

  • Establishing an organizational culture where sustainability is embedded as an integral part of UNKLESA strategy and practices and where it becomes a driving force of how we do our day to day operations;

  • Ensuring that the upcoming 2019-2020 UNKLESA Board has all the necessary support for continual improvement of UNKLESA overall performance as UNKLESA navigates changing UN policies.

UNKLESA’s performance in the last five months has been encouraging, however - despite all our achievements - “Building a Sustainable Legacy” requires deep understanding of our 2019-2020 sustainability blueprint by all members. In order to address this issue, the Board has organized UNKLESA’s First Town Hall Meeting on April 29, 2019 and launched a pre-meeting survey for all members to evaluate the progress made within the last five months.

UNKLESA’s First Town Hall Meeting give the Board confidence that there is an appropriate focus on the challenges of “Building a Sustainable Legacies” we face and reassure all members that sustainability will continue to be a core value of our organization and its operations. In order to succeed and reach our full-potential, UNKLESA must continue to engage and advocate for all UN families while the Board and our members engage and advocate for UNKLESA within the UN system. Also key is the new and continuing support of the Agency Membership Model by the 23-regional offices, UNON, UNEP and UN-Habitat. UNKLESA Board reaffirms our commitment to developing UNKLESA into the leading family support organization within the UN.

David Taddele Dessie
Chairman of the Executive Board